The Shaman


Well, I suppose I should really say…I’m a Shaman in training, a Celtic Shaman, to be exact…and this is my journey around the Sacred Circle and into the Center of my Being. I am an artist, poet, writer, herbalist, ritualist, and future Chaplain of Transitions and Interfaith Minister.

I started out studying Druidry at the age of 13, which slowly moved into Witchcraft and Goddess Spirituality. I was lucky enough to go to a College (University of Redlands, Johnston Center) that offered several Goddess Classes, delving deep into the Feminine Divine and Women’s History. However, in College I was also fascinated by Taoism and Buddhism.

I moved in and out of different spiritual practices over the years since College—becoming strongly connected with the Blue Medicine Buddha when I was very sick with a kidney problem. During that time I also discovered the Goddess Temple of Orange County where I became a very active member of the community. While living in Jerome, AZ I did a year of Druid study. I then did a year-and-a-day program with the Sisterhood of the Silver Branch.

I returned to California and in the Winter of 2011, I started a small ritual group called the Sacred Circle. I knew at that point that I found my calling–I have been placed here to help people heal on every level of their being and connect to the Divine. It was as though Source had finally decided I was ready for the rest of my life. In 2012 I started attending Starr King School for the Ministry with the intention to become an Interfaith Minister and Chaplain…join me as I follow this path towards my purpose.


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