My Home Inside – Full Moon Ritual

Are you looking for something magical and mystical to do, this full moon night? Here’s a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ from Within the Sacred Circle.

Tonight is about finding the compassion and love for yourself – to move gallently forward into the next New Year doing what you came here to do!: Live your TRUTH! But oftentimes, feelings of “not good enough”, fear and loneliness get in the way of our future. The key to abolishing those types of feelings, is to feel AT HOME…truly loved, inside yourself. 
Your true home is within you and establishing that inside your heart center, will be of tremendous help as you chart your course – ever forward. It is time to shine my friend! So this is what you’re going to do tonight: My Home Inside – Full Moon Ritual. See the STEPS below:
(If you are a Sacred Circle Keeper, you may want to find a Stone to embody the powers of the Moon inside your Bundle…this can be anointed with the Alchemical Elixir and charged in Her glow tonight.)

STEP 1: Go outside in the Moonlight and sit down in Her glow.
STEP 2: Get comfortable, close your eyes, and begin to breathe deeply.

STEP 3: The darkness behind your eyes fades and you see the most beautiful garden you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s decorated with all of your favorite plants, and you realize this is the Garden at the Center of Your Being – deep inside your Heart Chakra, where your True Self resides.

STEP 4: In the midst of the Garden a home appears; it’s a cottage or a castle, or wherever you want to reside. the Full Moon beams down on it – illuminating it in a shimmery glow.

STEP 5: Now step inside! Breathe deep of an unending love unlike any you’ve ever experienced before.

STEP 6: Now look around and explore what it feels like to truly be home.  Remember you can be in this place whenever you need to recharge. Gather the feelings and strength it brings.

STEP 7: You feel the Full Moon light streaming in through the window, engulfing you, energizing you with Her ancient powers of manifestation.

STEP 8: Remeber:




STEP 9: When you are ready, open your eyes & forge ahead with this new sense of home deep inside you!  2016, here you come!  You got this!


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