Stone of the Week: Amber

Amber Ring

I chose to write about AMBER today because we are in the Summer months…and that brings to mind warm colors, the sticky sap of trees and the Energy Centers at the mid-part of the body that radiate sun-tinted colors.  Amber is a unique “stone” because it started out as resin in ancient trees that became fossilized!


  • Color: Translucent yellow to orange tones.  Lots of amber have bubbles or inclusions that can be anything from plant-matter to bugs.
  • Element: Fire
  • Planet/Sign: Sun/Leo
  • Energy Center: Naval


The use of Amber for talismans goes as far back as the Stone Age.  Archeologists found jewelry at sites in Europe and the Middle East, carved into animal shapes and beads.  I’m sure that their knowledge of the deep power of this liquid sunlight crystal goes far beyond modern knowledge.  But, we know a lot about its energy nonetheless.  Not only is it good to treat skin problems, it also stimulates the metabolism, treats asthma, and helps soothe allergies to cats and dogs when worn around the neck.  When ground into a fine powder it has been used to treat skin infections.  Energetically it helps with creativity, vitality, and protection.

If you are attracted to a particular piece of amber and are unsure of the reason, ask the piece how its golden light wants to come into your life.  Using the above information as a guide, you can easily intuit what its purpose is for you.  Please remember, that this is not medical advice and stone medicine should not be used in the place of working with a licensed physician.

Feel free to send me pics or stories of your favorite piece of amber and I will put them up on the blog.

Many Blessings for Your Weekend,

Rev. Pamela


  • Elsbeth, Marguerite. Crystal Medicine.
  • Peschek-Boher, Dr. Flora.  Healing Crystals and Gemstone: From Amethyst to Zircon.

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