Beginning of A New Age

We are at the beginning of New Age.  I am at the beginning New Age!  I am at a precipice of an existence for which I have no clear picture.  I just completed my Masters of Divinity Degree, did not end up in the career I thought I would, live in a place where I am still short on friends, and know without a shadow of a doubt that I am supposed to share my gifts.  But what happens when you are in a dead zone?  When you are neither beginning nor ending?  I feel that not only am I in this middle world…but I feel that the Planet is in the same space.

So after some tear-laden contemplation I came up with something.  My answer:  FOCUS!  Focus on the important things.

But what are those for me?

  • My spiritual life
  • My art
  • Those I love
  • Making money so I don’t lose my car 😉

Thus, here I am.  And I am going to (attempt to) BLOG every week to engage the World in regard to the first two, finish my book, and make some stuff damnit!  For the third:  Focus on my new family (hubby & step-kids) and travel to see the rest of the people I love; since I live on a Los Angeles-shaped-island of which I’m not the biggest fan.  And for the fourth:  I got a part-time job with some pretty cool peeps.

So this is the beginning of a New Age of blogging…in the hopes that I can have some effect on the New Age of the Planet.  Here on this Shamanism Blog I’m going to be focusing on the Sacred Circle Stones which I hope eventually become YOUR medicine objects, along with the power of particular crystals and gems, as well as the magical Sacred Circles throughout the world.  What do you think?  Will you join me on this adventure?  Sure hope so…

Let’s get right to work then.  Before I go into the Stone that I want to talk about today, I suppose I should give you a little description of what The Sacred Circle actually is:  After reading Celtic Shamanism by the Matthews and working with a circle of stones that corresponded to the directions, elements, totems, energies, and aspects of Source–I knew I had stumbled upon a deeper part of myself that had been teasing my consciousness since I was a child.  I was finally able to conceive why I collected stones from any place I visited, and needed to have particular gems when I went to Pagan shops.  I began to realize the similarities between the Stone Circles of Ancient Britain, the Mesa Carriers of Peruvian Shamanism, the Medicine Wheels of the Native Americans, and any Earth-Based religion that realized the energy that can be accessed from stones and the grid of Earth Energies below us! During my study of this European Shamanic practice, I met Sobonfu Some, a Dagara Shaman from Africa.  I found out from her that I am a Mineral Keeper–one who gathers stories, prefers structure, brings passion out of others, and most importantly is drawn to gemstones because Mineral Keepers know that memories and wisdom are stored within them.   Over my years of study in Seminary, I worked to thoroughly understand the elaborate energies of the circle of stones I now carry and look to as my spiritual companions.  Performing rituals that align my consciousness with the energies of the seasons, and activating the 9 stones that make up the configuration of my Sacred Circle is my passion.  And now I am almost finished with the book that will enable me to share this luscious mystical journey with the masses.

So that brings you up to date…and now I can begin to tell you about each stone over the months to come.


I want to introduce you to the most important medicine object in my possession:  THE CENTER STONE of my Sacred Circle.   It is the one in the middle of my Sacred Circle seen here:

The Sacred Circle


  • The Center Stone is YOU. It represents the You that exists within the Web of All Creation.
  • It is the center-point of your being.
  • It is the place deep within you that is connected to everything else, through the Divine Energy that flows in each and every being.
  • It should always be placed at/below your root chakra during meditations and journeying.
  • It does not get fully activated until you have done one full year-cycle of rituals in which you activate all of your directional Stones. However, it is accumulating your energy and transferring deep knowing to you from Divine Source every day you use it.
  • It is both all and none of the Holy Days, Elements, Aspects of Self, Times, Totems, and Aspects of Divinity–and magnifies those energies that are a part of your Divine DNA.
  • Throughout your life’s journey it will become your anchor, your main medicine object and items can be placed upon it to charge, transfer energy to you, and much more.


On a foggy morning several years ago, my then-fiancé and I decided to go on a hike early in the morning in Solstice Canyon near Malibu.  A haunting grey mist clung to all of the trees and valley walls.  I had never been to that place before…but it felt special, important.  As we walked I knew that my CENTER STONE needed to come from that place.  When I felt that knowing we turned a corner and came across a tree that had been struck by lightning.

“This is it!” I said to my fiancé.

I looked around the tree and there was a stone jetting out from beneath its root system.  I touch it and a network of tingling sensations made their way up my arm and into my heart.

“Here it is…” I said to my fiancé.

He then proceeded to help me dig the stone out from underneath the charred tree.  When it finally came loose I held it to my heart and heard it whisper that it was going to help me find my Center-Point in the Universe…that I was about to embark on a voyage that was going to connect me to the All-That-Is.  I knew that it was the beginning of something special…

So…here is my something special:  This New Knowledge.  I have now performed the rituals that go along with The Sacred Circle and am in the process of teaching a group of women how to use their own Circles.  The book is almost done and I am ready for this New Age.

Will you join me?


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