Background: After reading Celtic Shamanism by the Matthews and working with a circle of stones that corresponded to the directions, elements, totems, energies, and aspects of Source–I knew I had stumbled upon a deeper part of myself that had been teasing my consciousness since I was a child. I was finally being able to conceive of why I collected stones from any place I visited, and needed to have particular gems when I went to Pagan shops. I began to realize the similarities between the Stone Circles of Ancient Britain, the Mesa Carriers of Peruvian Shamanism, the Medicine Wheels of the Native Americans, and any Earth-Based religion that realized the energy that can be accessed from stones and the grid of Earth Energies below us! During my study of this European Shamanic practice, I met Sobonfu Some, a Dagara Shaman from Africa. I found out from her that I am a Mineral Keeper–one who gathers stories, prefers structure, brings passion out of others, and most importantly is drawn to gemstones because they know that memories are stored there.

Over the last year I have worked to thoroughly understand the elaborate energies of the circle of stones I now carry and look to as my spiritual companions. Performing rituals that align my consciousness with the energies of the seasons, and activating the 9 stones that make up the configuration of my Sacred Circle has become my obsession. I am currently writing a book explaining the rituals, energies and my discoveries about Shamanism. It has become my goal to distill down ancient practices from many cultures into their core energies–making sure not to misappropriate, and assist anyone of any spiritual persuasion in their use of this magnificent magical system. (This Winter Solstice I even went to Ireland to activate my last stone–I will share more about those adventures in future posts.)

Within the Sacred Circle is a Neo-Shamanic, Mystical, Earth-Based Journey to connect with the Planet, your purpose, and compassionate living. In order to fully embody my purpose as the lineage carrier of this sacred way and teach others its magic–I need practice and to put the finishing touches on my book. This is YOUR opportunity to experience the power of The Sacred Circle for yourself and help me complete my research. I will be offering Ritual Workshops starting in February FOR FREE. The first Ritual Workshop will be on February 1st, IMBOLC, and the birth of Spring. Birth a new YOU this year! Birth your new consciousness and a mystical way of living. I will be doing the Ritual Workshops on Sundays around the Wheel of the Year Holy Days that correspond with the energy with which we will be working.

February 1
March 22
May 3
June 21
August 2
September 20
November 1
December 20

Please contact me if you are interested in participating in this amazing adventure. Unless the group gets too big, we will be doing the workshops at my house. You will need one large stone (5″-7″), 4 medium stones (4″-5″), and 4 small stones (2″-3″); a beautiful notebook for your Wisdom Book (fancy leather journals, fabric notebooks, or other pretty things encouraged); a woven or beaded belt-length piece of fabric to wrap up your Sacred Circle Bundle and to send me $40 for your Sacred Circle Mat (which will double as your Sacred Circle Bundle (carrier) for your stones). If you are already a Mesa Carrier, I recommend using your Mesa for this work and activating the direction stones that correlate with the energies we will be working with. If you have any further questions, please let me know. I feel so blessed to be sharing this with my friends. I look forward to hearing from you!

NOTE: The Sacred Circle works with any spiritual practice or belief in a particular pantheon. The teachings are presented from an Interfaith perspective where all are honored.

Send all inquires to pamela@thesacredhive.com


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