Wednesday’s Devotion


Again I find myself steeped in Mysticism–but this time of the Sufi sort. I was inspired this evening at the start of my Stone Meditation as a flock of crows went to their nests for the night…this is what I wrote:

Wednesday’s Devotion

In this darkening hour
I see patterns of birds across Your face
Their low chatter:
Your words–
in a language I will never understand.
But still, it feels like
the flesh of a lover’s fingertip
outlining my lips.
And that subtle glow of the oak leaves
dwindling as the moon approaches
is Your rosy cheek
splashed over with sheer ecstasy
as you take in Your creation
perfect in its imperfect repose…

And I follow Your stars across the sky

And I visit quietly with the plants reclining at my side

And I touch stones listening for their secrets

in that ceaseless pursuit
to feel the Bliss of You
if only for a moment.

And all shall be well.
And all shall be well…

May You Find Your Peace,
The Sacred Circle Shaman, Pamela Dawn


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