A Shaman’s Reflection on Easter


Easter was a little over a week ago and I’m still contemplating it. “Why is a Celtic Shaman contemplating Easter?” you ask…well that is a good question. As a Chaplain in training, it is required of me to study a Secondary Faith Tradition in order to have a wider appreciation and vocabulary with which to experience the Divine in All. So, I decided to study Mystical Christianity/Catholicism through the eyes of two very amazing female Saints: Julian of Norwich and Hildegard of Bingen. As part of my study I have begun attending an Episcopal Church here in Southern California. I went to Holy Week services there and immersed myself in the story of Christ.

As I sat there during the Good Friday Passion Service, I began experiencing what St. Brigid must have as she celebrated with the people Kildare on that Holy Triduum: A blending together of the Old Way and the New. She saw all of the seasonal beauty accompanied by stories of the Gods, like all myths that had come to that place in recent past. The Romans, only two-hundred years before, had brought their Gods, who fused with the Celtic Gods in various ways. And now before St. Brigid was a great prophet, Jesus, who told of a better way to live.

See, as a Shamanic Practitioner, of an Interfaith leaning, I accept all of the Gods and Goddesses who have manifested as Divinity since the beginning of time. They are all just Source seen through different cultural lenses anyway–and therefore all have something important to teach us about humanity. Christ, being the one manifestation that has had such a major impact on our society for the last two-thousand years, is a deification everyone should examine. Why has this story impacted us so much? Why has it been told and retold and used with such ferocity? Because He was trying to tell mankind something major: LOVE ONE ANOTHER! He was so dedicated to his cause that he died defending it, and it’s the death that brings our attention to his message.

I sat down this morning with an Episcopal Priest and tried to unpack the story more. She spoke of Jesus’ death and said, “He didn’t die because we are bad.” He died because his message mattered! His resurrection is about the wounded and resurrected body–showing us that our life is made up of trials and tribulations that CHANGE US! Change is why we have come to this place and inhabit these human forms: We are supposed to LEARN something. He didn’t “SAVE” us with his death–he showed us the way to live.

As a Mystic, I look towards Christ as an example on how to live: Be transformed by change, get down in the dirt with the poor and destitute, and love them. Love everyone! Love until you are so filled with it that you can’t fit anything more!

Christ Be With You,
The Sacred Circle Shaman, Pamela Dawn


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