I am a Mineral Keeper


It is important to be open to receiving knowledge from any avenue that Source wishes to impart life-altering information upon you. In February, as I studied Earth Based Traditions with the rest of my chaplain-family at the Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, I had an epiphany. I sat, poised in the afternoon light, pouring through the high windows in that blinding way it seemed to always do around two or three in the afternoon. I listened with my whole body to the African Shaman Sobonfu Some–as she described the five types of people according to the Dagara tribe of rural West Africa (where she was from).

The five types of people:
* Fire People: Link us to the ancestors. Are calm. Try to bring healing to the World.
* Water People: Are curious. Like to know why things work. Are peace keepers who try to soothe pain.
* Nature People: Crazy ones. Reflect childlike qualities. Can’t take anything seriously. Force people to take off their masks and be authentic.
* Earth People: Love unconditionally. Find the best in others. Quiet minds. Are nurturers.
* Mineral People: Gather stories. Prefer structure. Like history. Need to know things people don’t want to know. Look into hidden stores to bring passion out of other. Are drawn to gemstones because those are where memories are stored.

Ding ding ding ding ding ding…. I must be the last one right? None of the other ones felt right in my body. And then Sobonfu gave us the magical equation to reveal which “Keeper”, as she called them, that you were:

You take the year you were born, and use the last number:
2 or 7: Fire
1 or 6: Water
0 or 5: Earth
4 or 9: Mineral
3 or 8: Nature

It was as if all of my obsession with stones and rocks as a child suddenly became a crystalline truth-serum. Spirit was telling me the reason for something I had felt so deeply in my bones since I can remember. Also–my ability as a writer suddenly held a mystical quality that was much stronger than any other talent I possessed.

This new information also drove me to want to focus even MORE intensely on writing as my Art Therapy to help others. Her words were breadcrumbs from the Divine Mystery, a truly visible trail for focus that astounded me and filled my heart with light. I beamed at Sobonfu and she beamed back, like she understood why I was so happy.

“THAT IS why I’m here,” reverberated in my skull, “that is why I did that:”
A memory flooded my mind of little Pam feeling around in the lake sand for tiny pieces of brilliant white quartz, to keep in a jar for their powers I couldn’t quite understand. Purpose became a tactile thing like the pen in my hand and the quartz crystal whose ridges I rub my finger over, now as I write.


I encourage anyone on a spiritual path to keep open to what Source has to tell you…epiphanies can come from the most remarkable places. Make space in your life for the Divine and the Divine will bless you in ways you can’t even comprehend.

Bíodh amhlaidh
-The Sacred Circle Shaman, Pamela Dawn

(Pictured at top: my sacred circle stones on my altar)>


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