Spring in Full Bloom


The druid left her hut early in the morning. She was tasked with singing to the crops…asking them to flourish. With her drum in her hand she spun and twisted like ribbon riding on wisps of wind. The reverberation of her ancient tongue mingled with the moisture of the heavy air–fashioning sparks of holy light the veiled the fields with Divine incantations. Seeds burst open to the bewitching sound. Grow, great World, grow!

This Spring is steeped in New Beginnings for me. In my corporeal world–I took the grand step to pay the deposit for the location in which I will be wed in the Autumn. In my metaphysical world–I proceeded into an opening to learn of this GROWING time. Yesterday afternoon I did my East Stone Meditation to drumming and children playing. The sky was perfect with puffy clouds. I was the young Earth Maiden…dancing my ecstasy and singing the names of God.
I activated my East Stone saying:
“On this day of Spring Equinox with the Mother in full bloom
I ask that the powers of time and space come into this Crystal of Citrine
Direction of East
Time unfolding in the perfection of creation
Great Power of Maidenhood
Inhabit this stone–so that I may access your energy for healing.”

The next lesson in my Celtic Shamanism book was to learn how to go through the various gateways that lay in the directions. These are Otherworld gateways that are accessed through inner journeying. They are utilized to help with specific needs during new undertakings, obtain knowledge to assist in healing, and other practices.

Upon my altar I had placed fresh flowers at the foot of Gaia, eggs filled with jewels and messages for my family’s evening ritual, a fresh grapefruit picked from the grove nearby, and a succulent to be planted that evening in honor of the strengths Gaia would bestow upon us. I laid back on a crimson blanket in my new Temple space. I covered my entire body with fabric decorated in celtic knots indicative of the journey and shut my eyes.

In my mind I appeared in a field of wildflowers; off in the East was a grand dolmen gateway. I spun and danced with the bees–heading in the direction of the stone gate. As I approached I could only see myst on the other side of the dolmen. But, without hesitation I transversed the space in between. When I was through the great ancient stone archway another field lay before me, but the colors here were in technicolor and the air was fragrant with flowers I had never been witness to in my life. Olwen, the Lady of Flowers, stood before me. She was tall, slender, and appeared to be made of porcelain. Light brown curly locks spilled from her head, decked with flowers of all colors of the rainbow. Her white shift dress could have been the same color as her skin, and her eyes were blazing emeralds.

“Sacred Play!” she said as she spun, arms out wide, “don’t forget to STOP and ENJOY LIFE. Life is, as it is, and to fight against it only brings suffering. Go out and help…YES! But don’t fight against it.”

This message nestled deep in my heart as she reached out to take my hands, and together we spun and giggled and danced in the field.

“What strengths do I need to develop dear Maiden?” I asked Olwen.

“One of the strengths you need to embody is that of being INSPIRATIONAL! You need to be able to inspire JOY into the hearts of others. Be JOY. You can be INSPIRATION and you can be JOY. Also, learn to stay GROUNDED. I will teach you. Today, I ask that you go have fun with those teenagers in your care. Go play. Understand Sacred Play! And one last thing my friend: The way to understand the innocence of childhood is to embody the Good Mother…meditate on Her and she will fill you.”

Olwen danced away from me and the colors around me started to go dark. There was darkness and there was the dolmen gate. I felt that my time in the Otherworld was at a close and I made my way back through the stones. On the other-side there was only the warm dimness behind my eyes and the feeling of my body on the ground. I opened my eyes and sat up, back in my Temple space.

Sacred Play! I thought to myself. I can do that. So into the house I went, and alerted my fiancé’s kids that I thought we should go down to the park and play hide-and-go-seek. They were all thrilled. When the lovely man in my life got home we headed down to the park and played three exhausting rounds. It had been so long since I had had fun…I was astounded at how different I felt.

That evening I cooked a scrumptious Spring feast and led my family on a ritual journey to meet Gaia. She entrusted each family member with new strengths that we wrote on scraps of paper to kept safe in eggs on my altar. We had a bonfire and released old expectations into its smoke. I planted a baby succulent outside our front door as a symbol of the work we had done…and all was right with our world.

Fresh Growth and Blessings to You!

Bíodh amhlaidh
-The Sacred Circle Shaman, Pamela Dawn


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