Communing with Brigid on Imbolc


The Druid gathered up the immense visage of the Goddess Brigid made of hay, stalks of wheat, and newly blossoming flowers from the women of the tribe who had made her. The creation was placed in a wooden wagon and ushered down the grand path to the ocean. There, the Druid washed the Goddess with fresh sea water and then returned to the tribe with her wagon and her charge. She paraded the Goddess through all of the fields for blessings and in front of the doors of all of those in her community. All of the tribe members had placed bits of cloth on their doors to be blessed by Goddess Brigid in the night when she passed over. And blessings She did bestow…

I wish I had a huge statue of Brigid and a wooden wagon to cart Her in–down to the water’s edge. I would love to wash her visage with fresh sea water and honor Her in the old ways. Nonetheless, I did spend twelve glorious hours in communion with Brigid, my patron Goddess, on February 1st, 2014. And worshipped alongside other Sacred Women at Her Church in San Francisco on February 2nd, where Brigid was yet again honored.

My rite began early in the morning…where I did the same ritual I created for the Women’s group I lead before I started Seminary, over three years ago now. It started with a meditation where I met with Brigid in Her Sacred Grove.

Light poured through the window, liquid gold. I sat on the hardwood floor of my dorm room, breathing deeply. I started out seeing only the half-darkness behind my eyelids. Then, as I concentrated, a vision of snuggling apple trees appeared. They were just starting to grow their leaves for the year, and it was obvious by their greying bark that they had all shared that same plot of land for a very long time. I entered the clearing they surrounded and there in front of me stood a circle of stones all pointing their jagged slate fingers at a brightening sky. She came to me, almost glowing in her long green tunic and thick skirts. Her hair was the perfect red color of sunsets. Her beauty–indescribable. She approached me like an old friend. She was there to deliver a message. Her elegant hand reached out and from the air plucked a Brigid’s Cross. She said I should make one for myself and inscribe it with the four legs of my journey:
-Herbs for Healing
-Shamanic Study

She explained to me that I needed to continue to focus on all of those things–for those four things are the cross pieces that create MY whole, and will get me where I need to go. She told me not to fear, that I am on the right path, and as long as I keep doing what I’m doing without giving up–I will achieve my goals.

As She she spoke, I thought about my health, my healing, and my experience. See, seven years ago I was diagnosed with a calcified kidney–which I healed holistically with the use of diet, exercise, affirmations, and herbs. During my work with Brigid that day I began to understand how I could help people heal with herbs, as well as become an amazing Hospital Chaplain because I understand what it means to be sick and afraid. In the end of my meditation She said She is ALWAYS with me and to trust my gut, my instincts, for they will lead me down the right path.

When I arrived back in the physical awareness of my dorm room, I cut up strips of yellow paper and wove my own Brigid’s Cross–inscribing it just as she suggested. It then became the base for the nest I created around my Imbolc Stone.

After I ritually bathed and did the journeying regarding my Sacred Circle of Stones that is explained in my prior post: I collected rosemary, wildflowers, a feather, and a clover, along with the bottle brush that I found and brought it back to my room. There I created a nest for my Imbolc Stone and said the following activation:
“And on this day of Imbolc, I ask that the powers of time and space come into this stone. Direction of North East–Time balanced between Winter & Spring–Great Power of Birth–inhabit this stone, so I may access your energy for good.”

I also created a collage that will work as a focus-point for my meditations as I continue to draw the energies of this part of the year, into the Imbolc Stone. When I spent time sitting in meditation directly on the ground—attuning myself to the world around me, I felt the sweet sensation of innocence, the burgeoning of new life in the soil, the incubation of creatures as they prepare to emerge in the Spring. I tried to capture that in the collage, which you can see here.


That evening I did many things, including painting my drum and finishing my new Crane Bag.


I did a Tarot reading and finally drank of a healing elixir I had prepared under Brigid’s guidance. The night ended with me placing a scarf on the outside of my door, looped over the handle, for Brigid to bless when She passed over. And bless it, She did.

Bíodh amhlaidh
-Pamela Dawn, Sacred Circle Shaman


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