A Poem for the Week…


Hello Sacred Folks!

My life is in great unexpected transition this week…so I didn’t have the time to write the IMBOLC post that I wanted to today. Things will be returning to normal next week, but I didn’t want to go back on my promise of weekly posts, so I will share with you a poem I wrote last week:


Slip into the slipstream with me…
Become immortal in this moment
When we weave into the fibers of the Perfect Ones

They penetrate us–always–you know?
And when you no longer feel them…
it is just meaningless….meaningless

My life is ritual
My skin: the mythic landscape of becoming
My movement: the single breath that created time

I am my own priest
My own meditating monk
My own altar at the feet of Kali and Her constant destruction

I am overwhelmed in every moment
With this feeling I can no longer explain
For it is me, and you, and cycles, ancestors, directions, animals, up, down, all around inside me.

Loosen your thoughts
Discard the words of this-ing and that-ing
Throw them to the ground in disgust of their hindrances

Become your place
Sip the trees into your cells
Know you are: this red Earth matter that fell down from the Stars

Bury your watch in rubbish
Remembering that Time will not save you
The Eternal Now is all we ever had, have, or ever will

Integrate with me.
Conformance to the great Becoming
Will fill you with the Holy Spirit, the great Atman, Om, Shanti Shanti, Dreaming…

By: Pamela Dawn, February 3, 2014

NOTE: I took the picture above at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco last weekend…thought it would be a beautiful intro to the post.

See all you wanderers next week! Many blessings upon you.


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